35 Awesome Tips To Better Web Copy

Writing Copy on your website can be difficult. Particularly if you're an

E-commerce business.

It's time to STOP guessing and START learning exactly what should be on each web page so you can convert web visitors into repeat buyers.

Grab 35 tips to improve the copywriting on your website now!

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What’s Copy I.D. All About? 


We’re professional e-commerce copywriters that serve action-taking Ecommerce Businesses who want more out of their business and social media relationships by...

  • Attracting the attention of the right audience
  • Growing your following organically (*read* no ads)
  • Learning the strategies that increase likes, shares and follows
  • Making MORE impact in WAY less time 

How do we do that? I’m so glad you asked…

If you’re stuck on what to write on SOCIAL MEDIA, in EMAILS or on your WEBSITE... 🖊

We've created templates, swipe copy, tutorials & quick DIY fixes so you can stop worrying about the words and JUST GET THEM WRITTEN!

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Now, who’s that Blonde lady and that Bearded guy…

I’m Darian 👱‍♀️, and I’m Julio 🧔🏽


We’re high school sweethearts turned business partners.

We’ve been Copywriters, Content Strategists, and Sales Experts for Ecommerce brands for close to 10 years now! (Yep, showing our age) 👵👴🏽


For many of those years, we untangled brand messaging and helped create content for Jewelry Companies 💍, Baby Brands 🍼, Skin Care Start-Ups 💄, Toy Makers 🧸, Stationery Companies ✏️, Course and Membership Creators 🤝, and more.

And, together, we got to know social messaging, community-building, and sales conversion like “the back of my hand” as Julio would say. 


For the last 5 years, we've helped over 500 disciplined Ecomm Business Owners stop the busy-work and create purposefully (read: time-saved, easy implementation, and headache-free) social media strategies that grew their followings and made an impact on more than just their bank accounts.


Our business exists to show you how the irresistible selling power of copy (that nurtures INSTEAD of spams) can increase your following and result in dream customers - AKA your new best friends 💌


And when we’re not busy creating copy & paste templates for you and coaching 6-figure brands, you'll find us adventuring with our rambunctious 7-year-old near our home in Hawaii on the beach 🌊, hiking trails 🥾, and around the military base where we live.

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