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Time to crack the creative copy code, FAST! 💨

With 2 veteran Copywriters by your side, guiding you all along the way.


As two of the FEW copywriters for creatives, we set out to do one thing. Blend YOUR voice with OUR expertise and experience.

Because YOUR web copy, emails, social posts, and blog posts shouldn’t sound like US—it should sound like YOU

Listen, this isn't your first rodeo. If you've ever worked with a copywriter you know that it goes 1 of 2 ways. Either it's slow, but a good experience, or it's fast and absolute GARBAGE!

Hell, most of the time you're nearly 10 drafts before you just accept the project, say goodbye to a few $1,000, and still rewrite it yourself.

But that's not what we do.

We’ll work with you side-by-side as you use our worksheets & templates to write your copy, and edit what you write in REAL-TIME.

And in 3 DAYS, you'll have complete web copy, emails, a yearly content plan, and social posts done!

We've collaborated with, and written copy for, creative titans like...

Renae Christine

Handmade Marketing Influencer

Darian is one of our celebrity partner coaches. Highly recommend if you ever have trouble with your copy on social media

Manuel "The Facebook Marketing Ninja" Suarez

Julio is a badass copywriter!

Tracy Matthews

Jewelry Marketing Influencer

Darian has helped so many of our students transform not only their copy, but like everything that they do throughout the process of building a jewelry brand and their product-based businesses

But we REGULARLY work with extraordinary e-commerce business owners like you ... the ones ready to get their story DOWN and open wallets RIGHT NOW (not 6 months, or years from now)?


Your gorgeous photos and to-die-for web design gets attention… but the words do the selling. 

And side-by-side is the fastest, easiest, and most satisfying way to get it done right.


(Hey Siri, block off my calendar, it's Copy Time🔨⌚)

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Dissatisfying website copy, and thrown-together emails & social posts (when you remember)? I mean, did you really create an incredible product just to stop here?


When you're ready to ...

... work with the Copywriters that took the creative copy industry to the next level

... get first-class copy that combines YOUR voice and OUR expertise & experience

... stand out in an oversaturated market with formulas the Influencers trust

... add in your own authentic flavor—that quirky, 90’s pop lovin’, Netflix binging, DIY-doing HOT Momma.


👉  We're standing by, waiting for your call

(now on to the best part 🤩)


Clarity & Foundation

Up to 3 hours of side-by-side coaching & real-time editing PLUS

  • Avatar Worksheet
  • Product Offer Worksheet
  • Homepage Worksheet
  • About Page Worksheets 1-9
  • Product/Collection Page Worksheet

Attention with Content

Up to 3 hours of side-by-side coaching & real-time editing PLUS

  • Content Worksheet
  • Blog Post Worksheets 1-2
  • Opt-in Worksheet
  • Ecommerce 14 Opt-in Options Checklist
  • Landing Page Worksheet
  • Social Post Worksheet
  • Social Calendar Template
  • Social Post 7 Categories Checklist

Retention & Sales

Up to 3 hours of side-by-side coaching & real-time editing PLUS

  • Email Structure Worksheets 1-6
  • Email Sequence Worksheets 1-6
  • Newsletter Structure Worksheet
  • Newsletter Email Worksheet

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Anastasia Simes | Artist & Jewelry Designer


I worked with Darian on many projects for my site and it always is a great experience! She meets you at the level of your needs and comes up with inventive solutions to every task to fit your style, formate and time. She is a great ally to have if you want your business to move and things to get done. And a pleasure to deal with! Highly recommend!


Wendy Hively | Charlie Madison Originals


I absolutely adore working with Darian! Her practical advice and easy-to-implement strategies really help me move the needle in my business. She comes to every coaching session with tons of ideas and a plan to help me tackle the project I'm struggling with. I look forward to every session I have with Darian and truly value the results I get from investing with Copy Identity.




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